理絲 室內設計 台中 翁新婷 設計師 當代 極簡風 老屋翻新 商業空間 辦公室 XOR 生生創研 正門

生生創研|XOR Creative Research

商業案 台中市西屯區


XOR creative research is where creativity sprouts via design. The revamp of a 47-year-old Taiwanese terraced house, is a fusion of the past and new era, by the idea of ‘twist’ instead of rebirth to an old building. The façade window showcases modernized interior of cultural undertones, cladded with white lattice window, to comply with street townhouse. Deep backdrops set off spiral staircases, a composed minimalist statement built on golden ratio. The wall mirror reflects city panorama to indoors, echoing to lush at back yard. Slope ceilings encompass historic wood truss structure underneath. Mismatch flooring with tiles, emerald marbles, and bronze metals, a newness in forms of progressive herringbone, eliminating stereotypes to retro elements: out-dated and scraps. Stairway walls are covered in bold geometrical patterns as a prelude to light-filled and open-concept workspace. Ancient Taiwanese tile flooring is partially preserved, to express respects and gratitude to historic importance of building. Combine with mosaic and wood parquets, culminating with a pseudo-carpet on flooring, a cultural paradox to stimulate an intriguing connection between classic and contemporary creativities.