理絲 室內設計 台中 翁新婷 設計師 當代 人文 極簡風 北歐風 單層 住宅空間 森光景 客廳 沙發 地毯 實木 木紋 拉門 書房


住宅案 台中市北屯區




A breezy, atmospheric habitat which is close to our subconscious impression of natural woodland. The wood grain showcases the best gradation for the space, so the area is pervading plentiful botanic implication in a peaceful mood. Imposing solid wood-veneered sliding doors represent trees and groves; grey rug and sofa are metaphors of sands and pebbles. Glossy-white tiled flooring refracts the penetration of nature, and white wall is left to a broad extension of long scene. The reading area can be unfolded by sliding the solid-wood veneered door, an idea of hidden jewelry box in forest in which upholding literary treasury. While day and night alternate, the interior varies through natural lighting and shadow drifts; home is therefore the most unforgettable landscape that inhabitants long for.