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Verse of Tact

住宅案 台中市西屯區

法國哲學、科學家與現象學家巴希拉赫(Gaston Bachelard)在「空間詩學」中曾說,對家的原始感覺–巢。 「我見到常春籐架上的鳥巢,是個夢與草結成的巢。」 本案欲以一安穩、低調的形式,傳達出視覺豐富、細節飽滿的精神,是以,衝突對立及戲劇化是主要的設計手法。

Inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s work, 《The Poetics of Space》, this project apartment tended to present poise and stable forms, imbued with refined and well-rounded visualizations, through conflicting and dramatic approaches of interior design. Remembrance of the vintage is seen from the emerald marble and iconic floral decorative glass details, fusing with contemporary touches, such as cement finishing and steel wireframe. In the meanwhile, to comply with upcoming sustainable trends, reducing construction phases, applying residual and upcycling materials are considered and ultimately fulfilled.