布吉瓦爾花園|The Garden at Bougival

住宅案 台中市南屯區


Paint the residential abode with mindset of French 1860′. In the 19th century, when it comes to “Impressionnisme” , Paris Impressionism, painters long for seeking effects of light and shadow subtly altering among ordinary subject matters. The style is away from extravagance yet with warmth and elegance. Soft tone and explicit forms run throughout all spaces: the array of deconstructed marble replaces traditional decorative onlays by post-modernism arrangement, inheriting the convention of symmetry and completion, and culminating with incomparable poise. Classic molding columns with glass and mirror panels build romance, allowing daily light freely refracts and shadow moves, which also expanding spatial dimension. Drapes, wallpaper and decor, are like unrefined brush strokes, give complementary touches. Elaborate arrangements are thoughtful yet effortless, elegance pervades through the passage of time.