理絲 室內設計 台中 翁新婷 設計師 法式 美式 鄉村風 小坪數 住宅空間 Sunny Boudoir (客廳 沙發 展示櫃 走廊 地毯 美式木百葉)


住宅案 台中市西屯區


The home owner is a single lady who loves exquisite matters, and here’s a sunlit abode resonates with elegant interior details for her. Starting from the entrance, sunlight goes through shutters, reflecting natural pleasing shadows on polished floor tiles like a shimmering carpet. The moulding wall shelving is not only made for storage, but composes an open space for displaying random knickknacks and bouquets from the backdrop to two-tone damask patterned wallpaper. The off-white space sets off a color scheme of blue: powder blue media wall and royal blue armchair at the living space, antiqua ceramic-tiled backsplash of the open-conceptual kitchen, and the wedgewood master bedroom bedspread in its iconic blue. Floral plants and embroidery throws add different touches. Though small space, it is full of wonders and culminates with unfettered and delightful vibes.