理絲 室內設計 台中 翁新婷 設計師 簡約 北歐風 老屋翻新 商業空間 辦公室 Ris Workspace

理絲室內設計辦公室|Ris Interior Design Workspace

商空案 台中市西屯區


Our new office is a revamp of 47-year-old traditional Taiwanese terraced house. Take the advantage of roof ceiling height, the work place is least constructed to win higher ceiling and save rooms. The wide floor-to-ceiling window not only allows the interior to be airy and light-filled, but also bring city panorama and street greenness into office. Treetops move with the rhythm of the wind, which enrich minds and good for contemplating. The ceiling form inherits the existing triangular roof slopes, adding insulation cotton and calcium silicate boards not only to improve sound insulation, but also to better for heat-cooling and energy-efficient. The outer layer is covered with flakeboard (OSB board), whose textural finishing of wood fibers echoes the organic ambiences. Minimalist approaches to interior construction; to keep the building importance intact as much as possible. Authentic Taiwanese tile flooring is mostly preserved, and partially mix hexagon terrazzo with wood tiles, to give complementary touches. Unintentionally expose the brickwork texture at whitewashed walls, where the craftsmanship and cultural essence exist, to express respects and gratitude to the historic importance of this building, culminating with a well balance between ‘form follows function’ rules and contemporary fusion.