理絲 室內設計 台中 翁新婷 設計師 當代 人文 極簡風 單層 住宅空間 悠繞 (開放 客廳 沙發 書房 木質)


住宅案 台中市西屯區


Leisurely afternoon time, during the setting sun, the space evolution is subtly seen under the sunlight; let the time stop here. Stepping into the entrance, hexagonal floor tiles of the mosaic are lively, and the hairline stainless wall-paneling attracts attention. Adopting the warmth of mild wood color scheme as a flow, the marble wall in living room is divided into unequal proportion yet neatly aligned, propelling progressive combination of material textures. When the sunlight goes through curtain sheer, the open-conceptual area encompasses diverse functions. The natural and the sensual, the marble and the wood are interlaced, faintly revealing originality and simplicity.