理絲 室內設計 台中 翁新婷 設計師 當代 東方 混搭 人文風 樓中樓 零售 商業空間 FBBD (展示櫃 翡翠綠 挑高 真空管)

富璧寶鼎珠寶|FBBD Jeweler

商空案 台中市西區


Inspired from the jeweler’s name, “Bao-Ding,” representing power and authority, golden gilded metal framing at entrance elevates the ambiance as an extraordinary starter. Display islands are installed in pale apple-green backdrops, whose textural details of leather grains echo to jadeite products. Aqua blue decorative furniture gives extra touches and implications of gem clarity. Upstairs to VIP lounge, the style progresses to oriental vibes: curve outlines and linear arrays enrich wood feels; meanwhile, satin textile-covered screens shine with two-tone effects, sustaining a lavish undertone. Only genuine gemstone is praiseworthy heirlooms. Mounted from upstairs ceiling to ground floor, the giant vacuum tube preserves treasures, culminating with an embodiment of gemstone everlasting charms.