住宅案 台中市西屯區

【Boudoir】源起十八世紀的法國,意指上流女人獨身起居、與梳妝打扮的私密內室,打除傳統三房的空間侷限,重現清新雅致的歐式閨房。 窗外陽光循著美式木百葉柔和溫暖的穿透,迎賓進入開放式的客餐廳空間,線板造型門片呼應木百葉經典的窗框造型。進口優雅壁紙吐出大馬士革花紋隱約的芬芳,寬闊的純白空間使得藍色更為怡然脫俗,不論是電視牆、主人椅、訂製條毯與西班牙進口花磚,各樣色階的藍在空間裡和諧靜好。藕灰色的臥房在午後的斜陽下更顯優雅、放鬆。 晴朗的日子裡與光相隨,輕盈的美式風徐徐吹拂,不禁與英國浪漫詩人雪萊一同吟詠:「撥開雲霧,你會看到滿天的陽光。」

The home owner is a single lady who loves exquisite matters, and here’s a sunlit abode resonates with elegant interior details for her. Starting from the entrance, sunlight goes through shutters, reflecting natural pleasing shadows on polished floor tiles like a shimmering carpet. The moulding wall shelving is not only made for storage, but composes an open space for displaying random knickknacks and bouquets from the backdrop to two-tone damask patterned wallpaper. The off-white space sets off a color scheme of blue: powder blue media wall and royal blue armchair at the living space, antiqua ceramic-tiled backsplash of the open-conceptual kitchen, and the wedgewood master bedroom bedspread in its iconic blue. Floral plants and embroidery throws add different touches. Though small space, it is full of wonders and culminates with unfettered and delightful vibes.